The big shift.






Why we're changing.

During the COVID-19 crisis of 2020, we noticed that the legal framework between employers and employees in the cleaning industry was not well known.

Therefore, we decided to change, and we did: as of January 1st 2021, our company will become a group, Batgroup SA.

It will be made up of 3 separate companies, offering different services, each on its own respective platform.

Our mission has always been to fight against the black market, making it crucial for us to create the whole range of services relating to the home cleaning sector.


New structure.

About the group.

Batgroup was created in order to reinforce our primary mission: fighting the black market. As it has always been at the centre of our operation, the next logical step was to strengthen the fight by creating the full range of services relating to the home cleaning sector.

The platform to book a cleaning service. Batmaid is the employer of the agents

Unlike today, on the new Batmaid platform we will be the employer of cleaning agents that want to be hired by us. It will function as a cleaning company offering home cleaning services, end of tenancy cleaning and office cleaning. As a client, you will be able to book a cleaning service, and we will send someone to your home to perform it.

The marketplace to find and recruit your cleaning employee

To still be able to offer a similar service to the one we offer today (where the client is the agent’s employer), a new platform will be made available: Batwork. It will allow the cleaning agents to connect with private employers. Moreover, to offer new settings, the employer will be able to choose his or her employee as well as the salary they want to offer. However, a minimum wage will be introduced. It will only be possible to increase it, with the aim of preserving adequate wages.


The platform to manage your cleaning employee

It will allow us to pursue the group mission which is fighting against the black market by declaring and insuring the agents on behalf of the employers. Thus, Batsoft will allow private employers to manage their working relationships with their cleaning agents. It will enable the automatic creation, modification and termination of working contracts, management of absences and working time, payment of salaries, and warnings in the case of inappropriate behaviour. In addition, the platform will automatically send salary slips and certificates to employees.



Further reading.

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